Avoid Disaster

Bearing in mind that close to 70% of businesses ravaged by fire never trade again it's vital that we ALL take steps to ensure the continuity of your livelihoods. However most importantly is the risk to life that fire creates that makes it crucial that we ensure that should there be a fire in our places of work there is a procedure that runs smoothly and efficiently to ensure that everyone is evacuated quickly and safely.

Extinguisher Training

Albacare believe that to get a realistic and true idea of real life fire fighting you have to “fight” a real “fire”. You can see in our Training Equipment Section what it is we are using to create the fire and how you WILL benefit from the training we are providing. Fire Safety and Fire Warden Courses also offer an opportunity for candidates to have practical experience using a range of fire extinguishing techniques to stop a fire in its tracks.

Courses We Provide

Albacare Training Services are proud to make available the following training experiences -

  • Fire Warden/Fire Marshal Training
  • Fire Awareness
Fire Warden Training
First Aid Training
Occupational Health Services

Interested? See what our Customers say...

  • Paul M Said: "I have had excellent feedback from your course, In Fact one of the most experienced guys who has attended 10 or so of these courses, said yours was the best by Far"
  • Steve K Said: "Glad to see we selected an excellent provider!"
  • Ann-Marie D Said: "The training and knowledge we acquired was both professional and enjoyable and very interesting!"
  • John R Said: "Once again I would like to thank yourself and your company for a very enjoyable week and will have no problems letting my company and anyone else I know how well you run your business"